IP Cameras

Axis Communications is the industry leader in IP Camera Surveillance Technology. One of the most impressive product offerings is Axis' Lightfinder technology. Axis Lightfinder Technology is suitable for any application that requires video surveillance coverage in low light areas, especially where users require color information in the video to enhance recognition and identification of objects. The resolution and picture quality are one of a kind. Check out this video for a product demonstration!

Analog Cameras

For over fifty years, Speco Technologies have dedicated themselves to providing the latest innovations in video surveillance and electronic accessories, as well as the highest quality audio products for residential and commercial use. They provide affordable, dependable merchandise, deliver exceptional customer service, and offer extensive product training, technical and marketing support. Below are some product features offered by Speco:

  • Digital Deterrent
  • View on Android, Blackberry, iPad & iPhone
  • H.264 Multi Channel DVR
  • High Resoultion LCD, LED & CRT Monitors
  • Video Door Phones
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Day/NIght Camera Solutions

The Videofied wireless video alarm system is a wireless battery operated security system that communicates alarm and video clips over the cellular data network to the Central Monitoring Station.  This system provides a 10 second video clip for the Central Station operator to review and verify the presence of an intruder.  The system is completely battery operated utilizing AA and D cell lithium batteries.  The battery life is rated for up to four years, dependent on alarm activity. 

The system is supervised from the control panel to the device locations.  Each device on the system is configured to check in every eight minutes.  The devices connected to the system are supervised for state (armed / disarmed), tamper, and battery status.  Each device transmits a unique secure identification code.

Since no electrical power or phone lines are required for this system, it is ideal for applications where this is an issue, such as construction sites, equipment storage yards, vacant buildings, or remote buildings. As long as you have cellular signals, this system can be deployed.  

It is also ideal for deployments requiring alarm verification.  With many of the police jurisdictions refusing to respond to unverified alarm signals, this system allows the means of verifying the alarm. This system is very cost effective when compared to the costs of installing an alarm system plus a video surveillance system.

CloseView®, provided by Nio, uses up to four fixed cameras to analyze the scene. These reference cameras are the eyes of CloseView® and they never get tired. CloseView® is the multi-tasking video guard with 4 eyes, always on watch, analyzing all the information from the reference cameras and moving the PTZ camera to all objects of interest. When recording is added, the image from the reference camera(s) will give the storybook, and the close-up images from the PTZ will provide you with the ID shots of the objects.

There are several auto tracking PTZ cameras on the market, but most of them have in common that they analyze only the image coming out of the PTZ itself and sticks to one target at the time. This way, while the camera is busy tracking one target, the real object of interest could be out of sight for the PTZ camera. With CloseView® you will have real-time multiple object tracking and ID shots.

  • Color and Day/Night Modules
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Integrated Heater & Blower
  • Privacy Masking
  • 26x / 36x Optical Zoom & 12X Digital Zoom
  • 220 Presets
  • Auto Flip / Unlimited Rotation
  • Power Supply Included
  • Vandal resistant Down Cover available



Systems Specialists, Inc. offers the latest trend in video surveillance through Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).    VSaaS allows customers to view their security camera videos anywhere in the world via the Internet.  All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.  In addition to this convenience, VSaaS offers other outstanding benefits.  Your security video images are stored securely in a data center away from your home or business to prevent them from being destroyed by intruders, erasing the evidence of their crimes. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you only need your IP (Internet Protocol) video cameras and the Internet - no DVRs, computers, software – no headaches for handling your security video needs.  By outsourcing much of the hardware and software, you limit your investment to the cameras and Internet connection.

system integration

When operating a security system, it is often what you don’t see that makes the biggest difference.  A security system can have many sub-components.  Imagine the difficulty, complexity, and sheer frustration of having to operate and control each sub-component individually. 

Systems Specialists, Inc. will bring these sub-components together behind the scenes and allow them to work seamlessly as a single coordinated unit.  We use computer networking, application integration, and process management to pull together the many sub-components of your customized security solution.


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