Residential Systems
To sleep soundly, you need peace of mind. You need to know that what you value most-your home and your family, are safe and secure. According to statistics, homes without alarm systems are three times as likely to be broken into than those that do. The facts are in: security systems are effective in preventing loss of life and protecting property. Like millions of others, you’ve realized that your peace of mind is what matters the most, and are considering purchasing a home security system. Smart move!

Your home and your loved ones are, after all, your most precious assets, and a home security system is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Trouble is, the decision can be overwhelming-especially if you have a lot of basic questions! What do I need? How do these systems work? What is that central monitoring station anyway? Will my Labrador Retriever set off my alarm?

Relax. Systems Specialists, Inc., can help. After all, your security comes from knowing you’ve made the very best choice for you and your family's protection.

Popular Features for a Residential System:

  • Total Connect 2.0 for Your Smartphone
  • Home Monitoring
  • Door Contacts
  • Motion Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Siren
  • Flood & Temperature Detector



Why has Cellular Monitoring become such a hot topic? Because many people today will move into a new home and simply not get a home phone, a VOIP phone or a dial tone of any kind. Why does this matter? It matters because there has to be a way to transmit an alarm signal to our 24-hour central alarm monitoring station. In the past, alarm companies would use the existing home phone to send the signal when needed. As of today, roughly 1 out of every 3 people calling for alarm monitoring services simply do not have a home phone or dial tone of any kind.

Another reason is cost. The average home phone bill is about $60-80 per month. Utilizing the cellular option allows the consumer the freedom to eliminate this bill. Although the monitoring rate will increase slightly, the net amount will likely be very favorable to the customer.

The cost increase for the monitoring comes from the transmission source. If a transmission source (a home phone) is not present, then the alarm company must provide one for you and pay for it. This is through a cellular company that makes a specialty unit used to transmit alarm-monitoring signals.

The last and most important reason is safety. Conventional alarm signals are sent through land lines, making them vulnerable to burglars who know they can be disabled by cutting the phone line. Systems Specialists, Inc. offers a failsafe to a traditional phone line. Cellular monitoring provides a reliable replacement or back-up in the event of cut phone lines. Cellular lines are impossible to cut and can send and receive distress signals without fear of lost transmissions. Cellular lines are accessible only to those with exclusive access to the alarm panel which allows you to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

To recap, a cellular signal can prove to be a safer and more affordable option to a traditional home phone line. Excluding a home fax, dial-up internet or a requirement from your television provider, cellular monitored systems may be right for you and your family. Contact us today and we’ll help you make the decision on which solution is right for you.


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