Home Control System
A Systems Specialists, Inc. home control system is the brain of your automated home. It controls and monitors systems in your home to maximize your safety, comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

Easy to Use

Systems Specialists, Inc. systems are simple to understand and operate. Even young children can learn and understand how to use the basic features of our products.


Systems Specialists, Inc. uses embedded controller technology in its home control systems, a technology proven to be reliable with decades of use. These controllers have no fans, disk drives, or other moving parts to fail. Our products can work in a stand-alone fashion so they are not dependent on any other products in the house, including computers. There is no single part that can cause an entire system to fail.

Even though this technology is used to control various components in your home or office, light switches still control the lights and thermostats still control your heating and cooling system.


A home control system takes the place of a standard security system. It features built-in UL Listed, CP-01 compliant security and fire systems to detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water and other hazards through wired and wireless sensors.

Systems Specialists, Inc. offers video surveillance and recording, which allows you to check on your home via PC, PDA, or web-enabled phone.

We have an Access Control product line that lets you use access cards and key tags to limit access to designated areas.

The Systems Specialists, Inc.  C3 (Cellular Communications Center) is designed for homeowners without land lines including vacation homes. It works with any standard security panel to communicate with an alarm central monitoring station using the GSM cellular network when the land line or phone service has been cut.

Energy Management
Systems Specialists, Inc. is a leader in promoting energy efficiency within the home environment by providing ways to reduce energy consumption while maximizing comfort. Our home control system provides comprehensive energy management and sophisticated lighting control to both homes and small commercial buildings.

Thermostats let you automatically schedule your heating and air conditioning settings based upon the day of the week and time of day. They allow you to set back temperatures when you are not home and to warm/cool the home to your desired temperature for when you return home.

Lighting control enhances the enjoyment and value of your home, adds security for peace of mind, and contributes to savings on your energy bill. Systems Specialists, Inc. systems offer elegant lighting control while reducing energy consumption.

Load Control Modules allow for control of hot water heaters or pool pumps.

How Home Control Works

Because your home automation system is monitoring your home’s systems, it can be set up to take one or more actions when certain events occur. With the proper product mix, such actions include the following:

  • Change a setting, like the cooling checkpoint, on a system that the home automation system controls.
  • Send e-mail notifications
  • Send text message notifications
  • Make voice announcements over the speakers in the house
  • Call up to 8 different numbers to provide notification
  • Post a reminder message, such as Garbage Night, on every touchscreens that stays up until it is acknowledged.

Events that can be used by the system to takes actions include the following:

  • Any change in status in a monitored home system
  • Arm or disarm your security system
  • A motion detector is tripped
  • The temperature at the thermostat changes
  • Lights are turned on or off
  • Audio system is turned on or off
  • Set schedule of days and times. For example, the landscape lights can be turned on automatically at dusk and turned off automatically at 10:00 PM

Systems Specialists, Inc. helps you integrate your entertainment choices into your home. Control all of your A/V equipment and your home's lighting, temperatures, and other systems from a single remote or touchscreen.

Hi-Fi 2 provides multi-room audio in up to 16 different rooms. It allows you to share the music sources that you currently own.

Systems Specialists, Inc. offers products that store thousands of songs and serves three channels of audio (plus album art, playlists, and meta-data) to Hi-Fi 2. Our dock pipes your music, artwork, and album info to distributed audio systems by Systems Specialists, Inc., NuVo, Proficient, Russound, Speakercraft, and Xantech.

Systems Specialists, Inc. gives you the ability to control A/V equipment with your home automation system. With one button push, turn on all necessary AV, close the window coverings, activate the security, adjust the lighting, and much more.



There are multiple interface options to control your home from either inside or outside the home, which allows you to check and adjust lights, temperature, security, audio, and more. Systems Specialists, Inc. offers colorful touchscreens that facilitate graphical control of your system via easy-to-recognize icons. Some models are customizable, which gives you complete control of the look, feel, and function of the touchscreen. A more vivid, user-friendly graphic interface can be developed based on the homeowner's lifestyle and interests.

You can check on and change the status of your home over the telephone from either inside or outside your house. Additionally, we offers apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Smartphone. Systems Specialists, Inc.  software choices allow you to make changes to your home’s status from anywhere in the world.

Smart Grid / Utility
Systems Specialists, Inc. offers a family of Home Area Network (HAN) products designed for use in smart grid projects for the Utility industry. Our HAN products include Wireless Programmable Communicating Thermostats (PCT), In Home Displays (IHD), and Load Control Modules (LCM).


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