Systems Specialists, Inc. has technicians that are experienced and have skills that are diversified in the security field. From the installation of a new vault to the completion of an alarm and video system, Systems Specialists, Inc. has the knowledge and dependability you can count on. We appreciate our customers and ensuring their satisfaction is our main priority. With that in mind, we have become an industry leader and continue to maintain that leadership with honesty and integrity.


Mesh Radio Technology
Mesh radio technology is conceptually simple. Signals that need to get from a monitored alarm panel to the central monitoring station may either go directly from the AES subscriber at the alarm panel to the AES receiver in the Central Station or it will “hop” through other AES subscribers along the way via one of many possible routes until it gets a confirmed delivery at the Central Station. A visual representation of this concept can be viewed in this 2 minute demo animation entitled, “How Mesh Radio Technology Works“.

Surveillance Systems
Systems Specialists, Inc. offers a full line of surveillance equipment led by Axis Communications, the most sophisticated IP camera manufacturer on the market and by Speco Technologies whose analog cameras provide the affordability and reliability sought by many consumers. Whether you need a high-end solution with the clarity and precision that will amaze you or a solution that requires fewer bells and whistles, Systems Specialists, Inc. is here to help.

High Security Cellular & IP Monitoring
With nearly 20 years of experience in transmitting and receiving alarm signals over computer networks, Systems Specialists, Inc. possesses a depth of knowledge that few industry participants can approach.  Systems Specialists, Inc.’s expertise has delivered a new IP-based high-security monitoring solution, now available for commercial applications.

The solution adds an IP module to new or existing control panels, providing a supervised connection among client locations and/or to our monitoring centers.  This allows for network-based exchange of alarm activity, resulting in high-speed, encrypted, cost-effective, reliable communication.  The Systems Specialists, Inc. solution retains a standard telephone line or cellular package as a backup form of communication in the event of network outages, planned or otherwise.

Users of the Systems Specialists, Inc. IP-based monitoring solution will realize some or all of the following benefits:

  • Improved response times due to a polled, always-on, high-speed connection to our Monitoring Center. 
  • Cost reduction through the ability to leverage existing network infrastructure and security hardware.
  • Optimal reliability in performance resulting from exhaustive application testing.
  • Adherence to strict network and security standards and targets to ensure fast, reliable and secure connectivity.
  • Ease of operation through integration with familiar alarm, access, video and reporting interfaces.

Systems Specialists, Inc. has a wide range of security solutions to meet the needs of any facility, from single apartment suites through large multi-national corporate locations.

Safe & Vault
Systems Specialists, Inc. offers products designed to detect attempted break-ins to vault doors and safes. If power drills or cutting devices are used to penetrate your vault or safe, an alarm will sound and a signal will be transmitted to your alarm system. Systems Specialists, Inc. can install the alarm into your vault with all the wiring necessary for you to tap into your security system.

Photo Beam Detection
Burglar alarms utilizing photo beam sensors are among the most effective alarm systems. Systems Specialists, Inc. offers a considerable number of photo beam sensor types from the leading names in the field. We carry indoor and outdoor commercial and home alarm photo beam sensors that are capable of various range sensitivities, including long distance. Configurations encompass single, twin, and even dual sided sensors for 360º coverage. Various models can be set to different frequencies to provide sensor stacking.

Air Conditioner Theft Detection
Stop wasting your time with ugly AC cages and primitive air conditioner theft protection products. Systems Specialists, Inc. has the solution to protect your air conditioning unit or heat pump from copper thieves.

Using a combination of real-time GPS satellite technology, motion sensors, and an accelerometer, Systems Specialists, Inc. monitors your air conditioner or heat pump for unauthorized motion and/or movement 24/7/365. If the AC unit or heat pump is moved from its original location or unauthorized motion is sensed, a real time alert is generated and sent to our monitoring center instantly. Our monitoring center will then notify you within seconds via phone, text, or e-mail as well as dispatch the police to the unit’s location.


How Mesh Radio Technology Works

Environmental Monitoring

Did you know there are more property insurance claims due to damage by water leakage, temperature extremes, improper humidity and power failure annually than by burglary or fire? According to the Insurance Information Institute, claims from environmental damage total more than $4 billion dollars per year in the US with the average claim loss being $3,000.

Systems Specialists, Inc. offers products that have been designed to alert when critical environmental conditions extend beyond programmed limits. Products including EnviroAlert, WaterBug, TempAlert, and Vehicle Alert provide solutions in various markets:

  • Medical:
    hospital, clinic, pharmaceutical, medical labs, research facilities

  • Food service: grocery, c-stores, restaurants, schools, universities, commercial kitchens, wineries

  • Commercial: high tech computer rooms, research laboratories, manufacturing

  • Industrial:
    factories, refineries, warehouses, cell tower sites, HVAC and refrigeration

  • Agriculture:
    farms and co-ops, greenhouses, livestock and out buildings, veterinarians, pet day care

  • Residential:
    wine cellars, remote and vacation homes, laundry rooms, garage, saunas, basement areas

Connecting to both new and existing security panels, these products are compatible with wired and wireless alarm systems.


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